Letter 14 – The Lord of the Screens


It feels like an age has passed since I wrote you all. Much has happened here in Atlanta and yet much has stayed the same. When I came to the realization that you were not coming to Atlanta any time soon, Darkness overtook me.  I strayed out of thought and time. Stars have wheeled overhead and every trip to a movie theatre here has drained a life-age out of me.  But it is not the end. I feel life in me again.  I have been sent back until my task is done. We still need an Alamo Drafthouse in Atlanta.  And I come back to you now, at an hour most desperate than ever; at the turn of the tide.

One stage of your growth into new markets is over.  Another begins.  War has come to Atlanta and cinema megachains are covering all of the land in darkness and bringing this city to ruin.  The Plaza has fallen. Only the Starlight and Midtown Art Cinemas remain as the last bastions for the free people. Our list of allies grows thin. Will you let those who cherish independent, foreign and original movies stand alone?

Just about once a month I go out to a different theatre here, hoping, praying that I won’t hear the terrible sound of people talking during the movie.  And every week I am pained, grimacing at the black speech of movietalkers, casting a shadow over every screening.  And it may yet be heard in every corner of this country, the pride and dignity of the movie going experience forgotten.  Despite numerous customer complaints the cinemas here have seen it and done nothing.  They answer only to the dollar sign. They have no other interest.  No other master.

I know it seems an impossible task.  But there are many here who would help you bear this burden.  A fellowship of companions who stand ready to see this quest through until its epic conclusion (all 4 or 5 of them).  It’s our time.  This is our story to tell.  A story of people holding on to something.  Holding on to the idea that there are still some good movie theatres in this world.  And they’re worth fighting for.

Forth! And fear no darkness!

Nick from Atlanta.

P.S. SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU NOT PURCHASE THE PLAZA?  There was a built-in loyal fan base of militant movie-geeks attached to that two-screen landmark.  Fantastic location.  Y’all really looked like a bunch of Tooks on that one.  I’m not sure what kind of signs your are looking for to enter this market and build a new location, but the beacons are fucking LIT on our end.

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